Ramsal Event is a leading event management company in Ghana established since 2010. Our major goal is to create exceptional events as opposed to the everyday ordinary event. We believe every event has got a brand/reputation to protect and promote, and that is why we strive to uphold our client’s brand by paying attention to detail.

Being one of the foremost pioneers in the formal events management industry, we pride ourselves as a one-stop event shop with an extensive pool and network of top event vendors across Ghana and beyond. Having handled numerous events from start to finish, Ramsal Event owns a reputation for innovative concepts and designs.

We strive to keep abreast of the newer event management technologies and trends. 


Our Values


Every touch point, be it with customers, employees, suppliers or one of the many communities in which we do business, reflects our commitment to doing business ethically and responsibly. As active members of a global community, we execute meetings and events on every continent of the globe. As a result, we often partner with experts and resources best equipped to support local and regional cultures, traditions and business practices in the course of delivering best-in-class meetings and events.


Service is our passion. We first strive to understand our customers' ideals from which we then base our operational approach. This level of customization and flexibility in the way we do business with each and every customer ensures delivery of highly effective, value-driven meetings and events - every time.

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Office Location: House 4 Adgriganor Botwe, Accra - Ghana
Postal Address: P.O.Box CT 8272, Cantoments - Accra
Tel: (+233) 502 288353 | (+233) 249 178888 | (+233) 502 288355
Email: info@ramsalevents.com